Every employer can hire you from abroad.

Are you a highly skilled worker/knowledge migrant who received a job offer for a (foreign) company in the Netherlands? Is your company looking for support for expats in the Netherlands? We cut out all the hassle of the complicated Dutch employment rules and regulations via our Payroll Solutions. We even have a special label: All About Expats!

Payroll Umbrella Services for employees
You are very excited! Finally you find your dream job opportunity in the Netherlands. You contact the employer, they like your curriculum vitae but they tell you that they are not able to hire an employee from abroad.

You need what is called a “payroll solution”. It is suitable:

  • if you are sent to the Netherlands to work on a project,
  • if you are already working in the Netherlands but want to change jobs, or
  • if you will be working in the Netherlands for the first time, or
  • if you wish to work remotely from outside the Netherlands for a (foreign) company in the Netherlands.

What does this mean for you?
You may need a work permit and you may qualify for the 30% tax ruling. We work together with your employer to organise for you.

Employers use our services so that you are able to work in the Netherlands. If they don’t use our services, your employer first needs to make arrangements based on the legal, tax and financial implications of employing you. This is very time-consuming, and they would prefer to avoid doing it.

Get in touch if you have questions!
If you need assistance with your possible employment for a (foreign) company in the Netherlands or to get a price quote, please contact us. We cut out all the hassle of the complicated Dutch employment rules and regulations, plus we are experts in payroll solutions for you and for your employer.

More information? Go to All About Expats en read more.